Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

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Super REDS are a superior quality bearing, using higher quality steel races, better grade balls, and a superior surface finish. The result is a bearing that is as fast as REDS, but quieter, smoother, and longer lasting.


• Even Stronger, Faster and Longer Lasting Construction
• Pre-Lubricated with Speed Cream
• Easy Cleaning and Relubricating
• Removable High Speed Nylon Ball Cage
• Non-contact, Removable Rubber Shield
• Bones Skate Rated Design and Quality


Skate Rated™ - Skate Rated bearings are engineered and tested by Bones Wheels to withstand the high impacts of hard landings and the high side loads of turning. These bearings roll faster and last longer than bearings that use the ABEC rating system. To give Skate Rated bearings an ABEC rating would ignore all the improvements Bones has made over the industry standard. Skate Rated bearings are specifically designed for skateboarding, not electric motors.

Includes: Set of 8 Bearings, Instructions, Sticker

Note: All skateboard bearings are the same size. These bearings will fit any skateboard.

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